Diary: My Crazy Family

Dear diary (and the internet),

sometimes my family is crazy. Crazy but I still love them. I just spend fifteen minutes hiding in toilet because I didn’twant to talk with my grandpa. Don’t get me wrong, like I said I love him. But sometimes my life goes a little crazy living with this family. 
I’m person who hates conflicts, doesn’t want to talk bad about others and just hopes everyone would get along. Ironically I was born in family full of conflicts and bizarre fights.
Something good has came out of this huge fight. Everyone has forgotten my education problems. Few months ago everything I heart was how I have chosen wrong path and how I should just do like they say and go to study where they want.
Now everything my family talks is how my mom has gone crazy. She hasn’t so no worries. She just sold part of land she owned. Everyone is having drama around us while me with my mom and siblings are in the middle.
I’m happy because after this month I will move away. I don’t know where but definitely away from here.
I love my family but living 21 years with them is more than enough…

I didn’t have much to say today but just wanted to get these feelings out of my mind. So, sorry I haven’t written a lot and I hope you are having better day than I am.

With love,

Viivi Severina



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