10 Songs I Listened Today

Because the clock is already 9pm and I still have over hour of travelling ahead of me, today’s 10 things post is going to be short one. Here is 10 songs I have listened today (more than ten times…). So shorter said 10 songs I’m currently addicted to.


1.Alvaro Soler: Sofia

2. James TW: When You Love Someone

How can someone write cute song about divorce? Well this one has succeeded greatly.

Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love
Sometimes two homes are better than one
Some things you can’t tell your sister cause she’s still too young
Yeah you’ll understands
When you love someone

3. BTS: Am I Wrong

It’s unusual for me to like band’s all songs but BTS is exception. I literally love all their songs. Powerful pop/rap songs with meaningful lyrics and amazing performances/music videos are something I keep enjoying song after song.

4. Evelina, Mikael Gabriel: Honey

4. ALMA: Karma

I already mentioned this song once before but yes I’m still totally hooked to it! Powerful womans have been currently my favorite music genre.

6. Blackpink: BoomBayah

7. Ariana Grande: Problem

I think everyone has heard this song? I can’t even explain why I’m still listening it. This song just is my kind of music. Strong and funny.

8. Bea Miller: Young Blood

And the voices will get loud
If you never learn to shut them out
If you’re lost you can be found
If you follow me until you hear the sound

9. Sanni: Mörköjä

Of course I had to include some Finnish music to my list. Sanni’s new album is pure magic so deciding one of her songs wasn’t so hard. You can google the songs lyrics in English but basically I like the story the song is telling. Unconditional love where someone loves the singer despite her not loving herself.

10. Julie Bergan: Arigato


I’m always trying to find new music to listen. I literally like every kind of music so please recommend me your favorite songs! Who knows, maybe someday I will make top 10 list of songs recommended for me.

And if you are new here, hello! This blog is for everything random and I publish list of 10 even more random things every Sunday. If you want to see my main blog you can find it from www.gotravelglobal.com and like its name says there I write about my travels.


With love

Viivi Severina



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