I have to work, work, work…

This week has full of surprises, drama and future planning even if it’s only Wednesday. However for the sake of this diary “series” I want to return back to last week. I don’t have a lot of things to tell because it was quiet week with nothing to do.

The major thing that happened last week was my work officially starting. Monday morning was full of chaos because I had totally lost my keys and everything needed for day in work (I am not responsible adult who thinks things like this the night before…) What made my morning even worse was the fact that I was going to “move” right after my work. So, I packed everything I thought I would need during summer to my car and drove towards my work place.

It took a few hours to remember why I love my work. What to I do? Well, official tittle would be church guide but it is a lot more. Talking with people, making them smile with interesting facts about this building and making sure that everyone has good time. Many people don’t expect a lot when stopping to visit this small church. That’s why surprising them with interesting information and not just the usual “This church was build 200 years ago… Blaa, blaa, blaa…” I think I have accomplishes my job if people leave my church smiling and thanking me.

This is my third summer working here and I already know that I am going to miss this place. Fortunately, I still have one month to enjoy five days a week. Like every job this one too has bad side… I have too much free time! I never thought that would be problem when working. Of course it’s nice to just read books, write stories and fill crosswords. But a little more visitors would be nice so I could really feel like I am doing my job.

After five days of working I had whole weekend of. It was fittingly midsommer fest so I spend Friday with my family eating good food and doing some garden work. Then my friend visited me in my “new home” aka my family’s summer cottage. Yes, I am living this whole summer in the middle of forest… But fortunately I don’t have to be alone much.
I think there was everything important. More boring diary texts will be coming sometime soon! 

With love,




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