I am struggling with procrastination

I procrastinate more than most of the people. If there is any task I have to do before an exact date, it’s 99% possibility that I won’t do it until there are about three hours left. And still, I never return anything late. And usually, my work gets praised. During high school and primary school, this worked just fine. I had a deadline for almost everything and I did well in tests without studying but now when I am officially “adult” everything is a struggle.

At mornings I know exactly what I should do during the day but when I fall asleep at night I have never done everything. With sending emails or making phone calls it gets even worse. For example, right now I have been trying to make one call to my bank for about six months. SIX MONTHS. That’s not an even bad situation in my bad case because one email has been waiting to be sent for 10 months and let’s not even speak about the emails and calls I never made.

Someone, please help me. Is there a way to get out of this endless ring?

Inspirations for today’s text was from this amazing TED Talk.
If you are like me, please watch it and tell your own experiences in the comments!

In this post series, I write 10 minutes without stopping, editing or planning anything. I just write whatever is in my mind and publish it like that. 
Expect to see more of this every Thursday!

With love,

Procrastinating Viivi



  1. I completely understand. I certainly have appointments I should have made about a year ago I am still putting off. In addition to being a procrastinator, I am also something of a perfectionist, meaning I often procrastinate because I am scared that whatever I am supposed to be doing won’t be done well enough.

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    • I can totally understand being procrastinator AND perfectionist at the same time. I often keep doing nothing because I am too scared of failing. Hard to get over that habit but maybe someday… 🙂


  2. I struggle with the same exact thing! I always have in my head what I need to get done, and I always aspire to get all my work done by the end of the day, but I never end up doing it until the last possible minute! It’s a bad habit that I’d like to change, too

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    • Hmmm we just have to find way of getting over it and changing ourselves. But it is also taught me a lot because I can do literally anything quickly if there is deadline. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. Welcome to the club Viv…

    When I started writing, I used to procrastinate so much…that out of sheer frustration I gave myself the name lazywriter (and it stuck!)…and it has been my e-mail too….although I wouldn’t recommend this to budding writers, as it presents you negatively to a potential client. That apart, procrastination is normal…enjoy it…why do something today, when you can put it away for tomorrow?

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