Mission Impossible: Daily Blogging

The year 2018 has started and I’m ready to fail in my impossible mission for a lazy person like me. Yesterday was the first day of my daily blogging for one year challenge. I have shared this with a few friends and Twitter. Most people have wished me good luck, others called me crazy. My own mind is mostly just screaming out of fear, stress, and excitement. I love blogging so why shouldn’t I do it a daily thing?

This is probably a stupid idea and my history as a blogger has more than enough proof. I have had several blogs but all of them have died after the first year. Last year I promised to write twice a week and then after failing that once a week. Do I even need to admit that I failed in that too? Now my mind just decides that writing once a day is a perfect plan. Crazy, huh?

Yesterday I wrote the first post on my brand new review blog. It’s one of the things I am most amazed about. So easy to just write when you have no one who wants to read. No matter what you say or if the language sucks. There will be only a few people reading and if they don’t like it, they will just skip your blog. I haven’t felt like that for a long time. Not after I told my family about my travel blog and realized that it has over a thousand readers. Now I have close to three thousand people following my blog and writing anything feels impossible.

I am scared of failing.

Does anyone know how to get over these fears? Maybe the only way is to just keep writing. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. (I may have watched Finding Dory a few days ago…) Last autumn my university creative writing teacher got me hooked on reading writing guidebooks. That’s probably the biggest reason why this crazy idea of daily blogging came into my mind. There is one theme that keeps repeating itself in these books: Just write every day without caring for your inner voice telling that it’s a bad idea. 

Okay, no book says it like that. It’s always told more poetically and with fewer awkward words between. But the idea is same. If you keep writing consistently, it gets easier. Or well not easier but doing it everyday changes to routine and routine is often easy despite the task being hard.

I’m rambling while writing, aren’t I? You better get used to it. Writing every day also means writing without editing. Some people would accuse me of favoring quantity over quality. During all this creative writing I have studied during the last four months, I have learned to approach my blogging from a new point of view. The more you write the better you get at it. Later on, we can see if that’s a good thing.

If you are new here, welcome. I’m Viivi and I’m one big mess who owns too many blogs for her own good. Right now, I also try to live my dream life and that has killed my sense of reality. Feel free to follow this blog so you can read more odd posts or see my daily posts in LostViivi.com

What are your plans for the year 2018? Anything as crazy as mine?

With love,

Viivi with a plan (aka a bad idea)



  1. I love your year challenge. I.am like.you,I love to.write. I have never had a blog before or.even thought about having one. I have always loved to write.I used to wish I could.
    Be this great writer and write a novel.In my 20’s when I was home with my oldest three kids I had a notebook that I would always write stories during the day when my x was at work. I was the only one that ever read them. I always thought no one would like them and they weren’t good enough. Maybe they weren’t and maybe this blog won’t go anywhere but I will never know if I don’t try. So I am gonna go for it for myself. I just want to write. It makes me happy. Money has nothing to do with it. I just made 44 ,2 weeks ago. I am not getting any younger for sure. To answer your question of my plans for 2018. I am just gonna do what makes me happy and not let fear of failure stop me This is my year.i plan to make things happen.

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    • I think this comment was so inspiring! The two of us are so similar. It’s scary to show our writing to others but hey this is internet so the people who see it won’t even truly know us. I will check out your blog and I hope you will keep writing. It’s not about money but our love for it! Fortunately, you are never too old to start writing. I’m now studying creative writing in open university and I’m by far the youngest one there. Most people there are over 50 or 60. It’s so cool. Whenever you start writing, you can do anything! I hope you will find happiness from writing a blog because I truly have. Thank you for inspiring me with this comment. 🙂


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