Realistic plans for once…

Hello from Tokyo!

If you follow my Twitter (full of random annoying stories of my life) you may already know that I’m currently staying two months in Japan. I’m living in this small hostel near Ueno Park aka my favorite place in Tokyo and the life is smiling. Or at least it should be.

I failed at daily blogging for a millionth time. I should be enjoying my life in this interesting city but the guilt is making that hard. My sleeping schedule is totally off so I have been laying awake in my dorm bed. Me doing nothing in darkness is never a good sign. I have plan and that’s second thing you should be careful about when getting to know me!

But jokes aside… I have a plan and for once it may even work. Daily blogging was good idea in theory. It started so well, I had never been so motivated and for a moment everything seemed just fine. However, the problem with me is simple:

If I skip just one day, it will be the end. One day not blogging doesn’t sound so bad but for me it’s the start of “well I will just take second, third, fourth and so on day off” spiral that won’t ever stop. If I would be able to write every day that wouldn’t be so huge problem.

This time my plan is designed for my own needs. I sat in front of imaginary mirror and asked myself what I truly need.

We will start slow.

The aim of my plan is to get my travel, writing, review and business blogs going smoothly but also find way to succeed in social media. SoMe is important part of blogging nowadays but at the same time I’m just struggling with it.

So, how do I archive all this if daily blogging is out of the questions?

I will start slowly and make writing these blogs part of my daily routine. It already worked with Twitter. Last month ai gave extra attention for tweeting and being on twitter. Now it comes almost naturally for me. It’s part of my routine.

This month I will add Instagram and my travel blog to this routine. I want to make one travel post per week but also publish to Insta three times per day.

After those two “new things” feel natural (hopefully next month) it’s time to try out Pinterest one last time. Hopefully I can also start making reviews again.

Then I just add the rest of the blogs to my routine one by one.

If this plan doesn’t work, I’m out of options.

With love,



  1. Good luck with your plans. I think being in Japan will also help you be successful on the social media side–who doesn’t love a good story from Japan. Make sure you take time out to appreciate your surroundings and do something fun.

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